About Us

Paul and Beth have been colleagues for years. Early in their friendship Paul suggested they start a library podcast together and Beth was like….what’s a podcast?

Now, several years, three human children, and one new podcast obsession later: they are ready to bring you Nerd Canon. Nerd Canon comes from the many nostalgic nerd conversations between Beth and Paul, as well as from the grave responsibility of having tiny people to turn into the next generation of nerds/awesome humans. It also comes from Beth needing to curse on a podcast vs having to act professional.

Paul is a 37 year old dad of one. He is a middle school librarian and maker space master and life long gamer

He grew up in Wisconsin where he waged epic nerf battles with his cousins. As a kid he loved Cocoa Crispies and pickles so much he would ask for them for Christmas.

Beth is 36 and the mom of two littles. She is a high school librarian and maker of many things.

She grew up in Buffalo and watched tons of movies and TV with her family. As a kid her favorite cereal was Cookie Crisp and her imaginary friends were the Thundercats.