Episode 54 – 2021 Wrap Up!

We wrap up year 2 of the Nerd Canon podcast! There’s no way you have had as much fun with this as us, but we hope you enjoyed! Happy New Year and here’s looking forward to another year of podcasting!

Thanks to all of our great guests from this year:
Steve for Animaniacs

Josh from the Star Trek and the Jews podcast @StarJews for Star Trek

Claudio and Chris from Mushroom Ghost Productions for Pokemon 

Matt for Top Gun

Lindsey for CYOA

Sam for Clarissa

Justin for Sandlot

MJSmith from the Let’s Jaws for a Minute @JawsForAMinute podcast for Jaws

Jesse from Sudden But Inevitable podcast @SuddenBut for Cowboy Bebop

TJ for The Muppet Christmas Carol

Also, while you’re here, support the important nerdy work we do for future humans by becoming a patron on

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